The IFV of choice for the Iraqi army

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Re: The IFV of choice for the Iraqi army

مشاركة بواسطة hayder » الخميس أكتوبر 01, 2015 11:52 am

Another sensation of the X International exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition to Russia Arms EXPO 2015 in Nizhny Tagil was a demonstration of the BMP-3 "derivation" from 57-mm automatic gun mount AU-220M. According to circulated in the exhibition magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" in the material prepared by the Department of Strategic Communications Concern "Tractor plants", BMP-3 unmanned 57-mm automatic gun mount AU-220M is a tracked combat vehicle, having weapons, armor protection and high maneuverability .

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In Nizhny Tagil declassified heavy duty BMP "Dragoon" with an engine of more than 800 hp

On the chassis of the latest BMP "Dragoon" will create a light tank with a 125 mm gun

The upgraded BMP-3 can be used in different weather conditions, at any time of the year when ambient temperatures from -40 ºC to +40 ºC, in the mountains at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level, with relative humidity to 98% at ambient Air plus 25 ºC.

A new variant of BMP can effectively hit the following objectives: manpower, including personal body armor; tank hazardous manpower (ATGM, grenade launcher); unarmored and lightly armored fighting vehicles; Modern examples of the BMP; unmanned aerial vehicles; low-flying planes and helicopters.

Full combat weight 19.3 ± 2% r. The number of members fighting crew - 10 + 2 people. UTD-29 engine 500 hp The maximum speed of over 70 km / h on the highway, 10 km / h on water.

Weapons 57-mm automatic gun mount AU-220M. Rate: not less than 80 ... 100 rds. / Min. Sighting range of 8000 m. The corners of the vertical / horizontal guidance -5 ... +60 / 360 degrees. Ammunition for guns up to 200 shots, 80 of them are ready to fire.

With gun paired gun PKTM. His ammunition and 2000 rounds.

"Derivation" possesses the advanced fire control system. It includes: commander's sight, panoramic (360 °), optoelectronic, including television, thermal imaging, laser ranging channels, a laser beam control channel forming system video path, the system alignment and guidance system is stabilized. Gunner is similar to the commander's sight with the restriction sector autonomous guidance on the horizon to -90 ° ... + 45 °.

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It has a central computing system, power conversion and switching of video signals and control signals from the fiber optic video transmission system. There is also a set of survey, navigation and orientation, the system stabilized weapon guidance unit, a set of tools and data communications.

BMP-3 "derivation" from 57-mm automatic gun mount AU-220M will significantly increase mobility, armament and protection of mechanized infantry units on the battlefield, including the conditions of use of nuclear missiles.

Based on the materials of the journal "Arsenal of the Fatherland" and the Department of Strategic Communication Concern "Tractor plants"


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