Will Iraq replace the US F-16s with Russian MiG-29s and Su-57s?

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Lieutenant Colonel - Muqqadam
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Will Iraq replace the US F-16s with Russian MiG-29s and Su-57s?

مشاركة بواسطة TangoIII » الأربعاء يناير 27, 2021 10:09 pm

هل يستبدل العراق مقاتلات الأف-16 الأمريكية بالمقاتلات الروسية ميغ-29 و سو-57؟


Will Iraq replace the US F-16s with Russian MiG-29s and Su-57s?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – A lot of manipulative information has been circulating in the Russian media over the past few months. Some say Baghdad intends to replace its existing F-16 squadrons with Russian MiG-29s. Moreover, some media outlets have gone far in their claims and believe that Iraq can acquire the export version of the Sukhoi Su-57E.
This information is not confirmed by either of both Ministries of Defense – that of Russia and Iraq. But the idea that “Iraq is not happy with the effectiveness of American weapons” is gaining popularity among Russian journalists.

The latest statement discussed in the Russian media is Iraq’s desire to buy 20 new Russian fighters, but with no more information – neither the model of these planes nor the budget that Iraq is ready to take out are specified.

But why?

According to Russian analysts (however, the Russian media do not say these analysts’ names – ed.) F-16 is not able to provide protection and security for Iraq and its people. For five years, everyone hoped that the American fighters would prove themselves and show what they were capable of, but only a miracle did not happen. There are also rumors that Iraq acquired US military equipment only because of the pressure.

Today, Iraq is looking forward to a contract for the supply of Russian equipment. Military experts are inclined to believe that it is the MiG-29 that will protect Iraq’s borders and do so more than professionally. Russian weapons have repeatedly shown in practice their ability to resist even the most powerful enemy and not only to oppose but also to strike.

Another news appeared on the Internet that the MiG-29 would not be the only purchase; the eye focuses on the most vital air defense systems S-400!

Iraq is one of the potential buyers of Russian Su-57 fighter jet, China says
Russia may soon conclude the first contract for the export of its fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, according to Chinese news agency Sohu.

Serial production of the Su-57 fighter jet began. Sohu, citing military sources in the Russian Federation, reports that representatives from several states have already arrived in Moscow to discuss contracts for the export of the Su-57. Among them are politicians from third world countries. The popularity of the Russian fighter jet worries the United States and its allies.

Iraq is one of the potential buyers. The country needs Su-57 aircraft to contain Turkey, according to the Chinese edition. The Russian fighter has already become a strategic weapon. Even if we consider Moscow sells for advanced export weapons with understated characteristics, the Su-57 remains desirable for many countries.

For third world countries, the price of modern weapons is significant. The American F-35 fighter is on sale for $ 200 million. For small countries, such amounts are too expensive for a plane. Although the Chinese J-20 fighter is better in price, the government does not have enough export weapons experience.


https://bulgarianmilitary.com/2021/01/2 ... nd-su-57s/

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Re: Will Iraq replace the US F-16s with Russian MiG-29s and Su-57s?

مشاركة بواسطة التوبوليف العراقية » الخميس يناير 28, 2021 11:32 am

اعتقد ان احسن حل للعراق وخاصه مع الضائقه الماليه هو شراء الطائرات المستعمله وتطويرها مثلا . . الان اغلب الدول الاوربيه التي تستخدم التورنادو اخرجتها من الخدمه .. ومن ثم يمكنشراؤها باسعار منخفضه و تطويرها وتعديلها ياستخدام مكونات ال European fighter او شراء الميراج 2000 من الامارات وغيرها من الدول وتعديلها بمكونات الرافال ..
المعرفة تسبق النصر، والجهل يسبق الهزيمة

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Re: Will Iraq replace the US F-16s with Russian MiG-29s and Su-57s?

مشاركة بواسطة صلاح الدين الأيوبي » الجمعة يناير 29, 2021 5:49 pm

شراء مقاتلات ال SU-57 هو امر مستبعد لغلاء ثمنها بالمقارنه مع الميغ -29 والسوخوي - 35 ، اما الميغ - 29 شراءها سيكون مصيبه لانها لا تستطيع مجاراه ماتمتلكه الدول التي تجاور العراق من مقاتلات متقدمه تستطيع القضاء علي الميغ - 29 بكل سهوله.

من الأفضل للعراق تطوير اسطوله من الأف-16 الي النسخه الأحدث F-16V viber مع الضغط علي امريكا لتزويدها بصواريخ الأمرام واحدث نسخ السايدوايندر.

كذلك من الأفضل للعراق تطوير مقاتلات السوخوي - 25 الي احدث نسخها القادره علي حمل اسلحه موجهه مع شراء طائرتي تزود بالوقود وطائرتي اواكس من السويد لقياده طائرات الأف-16 في الجو. كذلك من الأفضل التركيز علي شراء اعداد كبيره من الطائرات المسيره المتخصصه في الأستطلاع والهجوم الأرضي والتجسس الألكتروني.

كل هذا لن يكلف العراق ربع المبالغ فلكيه التي تطلب عند التعاقد علي صفقه مقاتلات جديده من روسيا او امريكا.
إذا تخلي عنك العالم فتذكر ان الله دائما معك لا يتخلي عنك.

قناتي علي اليوتوب


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